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Robco System is an electronic platforms that offer various configurations for operators to provide real-time progressive jackpots, daily jackpots, and promotions.


These configurations range from a single, independent jackpot to linked jackpots on identical games or different game types with a shared triggering event.


Moreover, operators can connect multiple casino properties through any of these configurations. In summary, systems are versatile platforms that provide diverse options for jackpot and promotion offerings.



The Bonus Jackpot System comprises essential components, such as core casino game content, a bet tabulator system, a TableVision system, and a back-office reporting system, which work cohesively to provide a seamless experience. The system can link multiple tables and can be configured to support Robco's entire product lineup. In summary, the Bonus Jackpot System functions by integrating various components to provide a comprehensive and configurable platform for casino gaming.

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