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Blackjack Royal Poker is an eight deck Blackjack cards that use a regular deck of 52-card. The player can play up to two hands. The object of the game is to try to obtain a hand with a total value which is greater than the dealer, without going over 21.

The game also offers a Poker sidebet with a fixed paytable or a progressive jackpot.

The player can bet on one or on both betting spots. Each bet placed on the betting spot are called an Initial Bet.

The Royal Poker Sidebet is an optional bet that is tied to a fixed table or a progressive jackpot and becomes available only if the player has placed a bet on both betting spots. The Poker sidebet limit is a fixed cost of $1.00.

The sidebet will look into the first two cards dealt on both player’s hand and the dealer’s upper card which give a total of 5 cards. If these 5 cards give a poker hand of Full House or greater, the player will win a paytable prize as shown in below paytable.

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