If you know how to play Texas Hold’Em, you know how to play the +1POKER game!

Each player gets 2 cards face down (often referred as the Hole Cards). Before the first betting round, the dealer deals the +1Card face up. This additional card (which is optional) can be purchase by all players and complete a player’s hand. The +1Card is always visible and can be purchase PREFLOP ONLY!


The +1Card provides automatic stronger hands, less fold on PREFLOP and much bigger pots before any betting round! Once the +1Card betting round is completed, the rest of the hand is a standard Texas Hold’Em game!


The more players who buy the +1Card, the bigger the pots! Bigger pots mean less fold and more aggressive plays. The +1Poker Game is the perfect game to win BIGGER, FASTER and STRONGER! This game was created to increase the average pots, providing a higher return to operators within extra rake from the +1Card.


“No need for extra tables or extra space. You can use your existing tables and same layouts.”

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